RF Engineering and Consulting
We specialize in designing the voice and data networks for the operators in the mobile and fixed wireless environments. We help the service providers to launch their networks with optimized RF designs based on the coverage and capacity objectives. Our methodology involves calculation of coverage thresholds, link budgets analysis, capacity loading for voice and data, model tuning of prediction tools to deliver optimal RF designs to meet the operator objectives. We also specialize in RF design evaluations, site physical and parameter optimizations, frequency planning and in building solutions.
Device Verification and Performance Testing
The demand for wireless devices in place of wire line is increasing in all the industry sectors due to their ease in installation , quick deployments and less operational issues. As a result the device manufactures are continuously developing new chipsets for the for GSM, CDMA, UMTS, WIMAX, LTE, 802.11 (WLAN, Wi-Fi) technologies.
The conditions where these chipsets will be working will not be uniform and will be based on the user profiles, geographic areas, industry sectors ( ISM) etc. Therefore before going to production a thorough testing of the devices for type approval is required to reduce the unforeseen issues once deployed in volumes. Telenox are experts in Device verification testing and performance measurements of GSM, CDMA and WLAN/Wi-fi chipsets.
We carry out extensive testing of technical, operational and environmental specifications as per ISO, TEC, MIL , IEEE standards . The following parameters are tested for technical compliance, performance and stability particularly for WLAN devices based on the IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n standards.
Transmitter specs testing
» Tx power on all the channels
» Tx frequency offset and stability ( spectral purity , spurious emissions, Intermod)
» IQ offset, IQ gain imbalance, IQ quadrature error
» Spectral mask
» Modulation accuracy – EVM % ( Error Vector Magnitude)
Receiver specifications testing
» Receiver sensitivity per channel (BER)
» Maximum input level
» Packet Error Rate
All the test cases created for verifying the compliance of the above device specifications are also tested after subjecting the device to the following stress conditions in the environmental test chamber.
» 24 hour burn in » Salt spray
» Blown sand and dust » Low and high humidity
» High and low temperatures » Vibrations
EME/EMF Testing
EME studies gaining importance in the telecom industry due to fears on public safety due to the radiations from cell sites. We perform RF field surveys for clients confronted with RF safety compliance issues. We utilize both state-of-the-art RF measurement equipment, widely accepted measurement practices to assess electromagnetic field levels and in house
analysis tools to generate EMF compliance reports as per the ICNIRP recommendations. Our surveys are considered by many to be the most informative, detailed and comprehensive in the industry. Theoretical analysis studies of RF fields are also our specialty including near-field examination of antenna characteristics. We have completed numerous and extensive studies over the past decade for many clients in India and abroad in the wireless communications and broadcast industries.
Drive Testing and Optimization
Using standard drive testing tools and as well as in-house analysis tools we perform city wide drive testing with multiple devices to collect drive data. We analyze and optimize the sites and the networks to improve the network KPI’s by recommending the changes to physical and network parameters. We also specialize in network audits, benchmarking of voice and data services and customer experience measurements.
Performance Management
On a daily basis our teams analyze the network data from the OMC, OMC alarms, customer complaints and coordinate with cell techs for rectifying the faults at the sites. We analyze the traffic patterns, user profiles, capacity demand, network parameters etc. and recommend parameter changes and addition of new coverage/capacity sites to maintain the network KPI’s.
Passive Infra Management
Telenox’s web enabled tool SIMS (Site Infrastructure Management System) has all the modules required to manage the Tower sites effectively for O & M, Project Management, CRM, Trouble Tickets etc.
Project Management
We manage network roll outs for the operators, vendors and infra companies. Our expert teams and online tools help in accurate project and material tracking, project snapshots, progress and projections.
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